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EcoTester SOEKS 2IN1: Radiation Detector SoEkS-01M & Nitrate Tester

BRAND NEW DEVICE - LATEST VERSION: NUC-076 V8 (device) + 1.CL (firmware) 

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2 in1 NITRATE TESTER and RADIATION DETECTOR measures NITRATES in FRUITS, VEGETABLES, MEATS as well as measures RADIATION background level and detects FOOD PRODUCTS, OBJECTS, CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS contaminated by radioactive elements.

Ecotester SOEKS is intended for express analysis of nitrates content in fresh vegetables and fruits as well as for evaluation of level of radiation background and detection of food products, construction materials contaminated by radioactive elements. Analysis of nitrates content is made by measuring the conductivity of high-frequency alternating current in the measured product. Evaluation of radiation background is made by the amount of power of ionizing radiation (gamma rays and beta-particles) with taking into consideration x-rays.

http://dozimetr-nn.ruAdvantages of Ecotester  

Modern design

Compact and lightweight

Bright color TFT display

Easy control

Operation from the accumulators

Charging via mini-USB input

Sound warning

Numerical and graphical presentation

Set Includes

  1. Ecotester SoEkS.
  2. Cap
  3. 2 Batteries AAA (can be supplied without batteries to reduce the price of delivery)
  4. Multilanguage Russian, English detailed manual


SOEKS (Russia) 


1 year warranty

 Manual in PDF (ENG/RUS) [1,10 Mb]

Technical data 

Range of indicated nitrate content, mg/kg 20 to 5000 
Sensor (GM-tube) SBM-20-1 
Display range of ambient dose equivalent, μSv/h 0.03 to 1000 
Display range of exposure dose, μR/h 3 to 100000 
Energy range of detected gamma radiation, MeV from 0,1
Alarm levels, μSv/h from 0,3
Alarm levels, μR/h from 30 
Time of measurement, seconds up to 10 
Measurement is displayed Continuously, numerical, graphical presentation
Power 2x AAA battery (included)
Display Color TFT 128x160
Dimensions, mm 144x47x17 
Weight (without batteries), g 66


Worldwide shipping by EMS Post and Post of Russia, including free shipping. Shipped within 1-2 business days.

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