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BRAND NEW DEVICE - LATEST VERSION: NUC-079 V6 (device) + 1.0 (firmware)

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The Soeks Defender Geiger Counter is designed for measuring the cumulative radiation dose and assessing the radioactivity level of any item and detecting objects, food items and construction materials contaminated with radioactive elements.

The Soeks Defender Radiation Detector can easily assess the level of radioactivity according to the power level of ion radiation (gamma radiation and beta particle stream) with taking into account of x-ray radiation levels.

Geiger Counters - Radiation Detectors Soeks machines are better than other household radiation dosimeters.
Soeks Geiger Counters were acknowledged to be the model of the year 2011 due to performances and high definition. As usual, radiation detectors display the range of exposure dose from 5 to 1000 μR/h, but Soeks’ performance is from 5 to 100 000 μR/h. Only the Geiger Counter Soeks have a color display, graphical presentation of measurement and hold 127 points of measurement. They also have a high-tech design, light-weight, compact and USB-charging.
But the topmost thing is that the majority of other household radiation detectors have radioactive sensors made in the 80-es, right after the Chernobyl disaster. Thus their service life is coming to an end. The USSR manufactured millions of radioactive sensors at those times. As for the Soeks their sensors are up-to-date and much more accurate.

http://dozimetr-nn.ruAdvantages of Defender  

Compact and easy Modern design

Measurement of cumulative dose up to 100 Sv

Bright color TFT display

Easy control

Operation from the accumulators

Charging and delivery of energy for continuous running via mini-usb

The sound alarm system

Numerical and graphical presentation

Distinctive features of Defender (in comparison with indicator of radioactivity Soeks 01M)

- measurement of cumulative dose
- new graphic cover
- increased time of continuous work from batteries
- new body design

Set Includes

  1. Dosimeter SoEkS-Defender (yellow) New Model 2012!
  2. 2 rechargeable batteries (AAA)
  3. AC Power Adapter (Euro) with USB power cable (mini USB)
  4. Multilanguage Russian, English detailed manual


SOEKS (Russia) 


1 year warranty

 Manual in PDF (ENG/RUS) [12,2 Mb]

Technical data 

Sensor (GM-tube) SBM-20-1 
Range of indicated background radiation level, μSv/h up to 1000 
Measurement range of cumulative dose, Sv up to 1000 
Energy range of detected gamma radiation, MeV from 0,1
Levels, μSv/h from 0,3 to 100
Power voltage range, V  1.9-3.5 
Time of measurement, seconds up to 20 
Display format of indication Continuously, numerical, graphical presentation 
Power 2xAAA-size batteries (rechargeable batteries included) 
Display Color TFT 128x160
Dimensions, mm 105x43x18 
Weight (without batteries), g 57


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